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About Us

We're an executive search and consulting firm that provides staffing solutions for technology focused companies. Our team provides top talent in technology, digital marketing, sales and operations. 

Founders' Story

In 2017, two longtime friends, Frank Palladino and Sergio Robayo, decided to leave their professional careers and start Optimize Partners. Their focus was to help small and mid-sized companies differentiate themselves from their competition by helping them attract and hire the best talent in the market.

Optimize Partners was created as an alternative to staffing agencies who often over promise, under deliver, and throw as many candidates as they can into a pipeline, hoping one sticks. The founders knew this style of recruiting created hiring inefficiencies and poor experiences for candidates and clients.

Through Optimize Partners, Frank and Sergio chose to empower hiring managers and talent acquisition teams by providing not only high-quality placements, but also 

reliable end to end staffing services which eliminate overhead and long cycles in the hiring process.

Optimize Partners - Frank & Sergio

Frank and Sergio enjoy partnering with hiring managers and executives to understand their requirements and business objectives. Both understand the importance of building solid teams for an organization’s overall success.

Sergio had worked at tech start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, recruiting and hiring professionals in software engineering, product management, digital marketing, sales, and executive leadership. Although not from a traditional recruitment background, Frank built and led a number of project teams for clients throughout his management consulting career and understands human resource challenges managers face within corporate structures.

Over the past couple of years, we grew our client base from a handful of tech start-ups to over fifty companies in the NYC metro area and beyond, while placing great people along the way. As our company continues to grow, one thing remains the same: Frank and Sergio’s mission to make the hiring process and experience better for both job candidates and clients.

About Frank & Sergio

Optimize Partners - Frank

Frank Palladino

Frank Palladino is responsible for Optimize Partners’ business operations, customer success and partner relationships.

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Optimize Partners - Sergio

Sergio Robayo

Sergio is responsible for Optimize Partners’ talent acquisition and recruiting operations. Prior to Optimize Partners, Sergio was Head Recruiter at

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Mission, Vision & Core Values

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Secure and deliver talent to help organizations grow

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By building strong relationships and creating business value for our clients and partners, Optimize Partners will be the talent staffing agency of choice

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Integrity, Respect, Quality, Value.

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